Prince Harry and Prince William prepare for the start of Enduro Africa 08 on Port Edward, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Britain’s Prince William and Prince Harry are in South Africa for the Enduro Africa 08 motorcycle rally for charity.

Enduro Africa brings together motorcycle enthusiasts from across the globe to ride across 1,000 miles of rough terrain. The rally started at the Port Edward resort on Kwazulu Natal’s southern coast. It will end in Port Elizabeth. Parts of the route will include rivers, narrow trails and 60-degree ascents. The riders will face real dangers, which necessitate wearing light body armor and protective boots in addition to crash helmets and goggles.

The royals, who will be with 8 other riders during the day, will not be given special accommodations to stay in during the 8-day event. They will endure similar conditions as the other participants, day and night. However, the princes will still have their protection officers with them at all times.

The event has raised more than £300,000, which will be distributed among the UNICEF, Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund, and Prince Harry’s Sentebale charity in Lesotho.

Prince William has had his own bike for at least 2 years now, while Prince Harry has just recently acquired his license.

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image used with permission from Newscom; via PA