Prince WilliamLadies, hold on to your ovaries. All of your princess dreams from childhood are about to come flooding back to you and it might be too much to bear.

Alright, everyone ready?

Prince William, he-of-thinning-hair, just performed an amazing act of heroism that will make you believe Disney movies are real. He led the rescue team that saved two teenage girls who were swept out to sea off the coast of Wales. According to Gossip Cop,

The Duke of Cambridge’s crew had just returned from another helicopter mission when they received a distress call about two sisters, 16 and 13 years old, who were caught in a rip tide while body boarding near Anglesey.

William’s team arrived on the scene just 38 seconds after getting the call.

So, if Prince William weren’t already married, can we all just think about the potential fairytale? The 16-year-old, which is young by today’s standards but perfect for Happily Ever After, would be beautiful and maybe a mermaid in disguise. She’d definitely have red hair. She and the Prince would fall in love. I wonder if he had to give her CPR? The two would bond when he came to check on her in the hospital. Maybe she has an evil stepmother trying to tear them apart. Or the Queen could disapprove.

Or, you know, William could go home to his own Princess that he’s already chosen and married.

But we could all dream for a second there, right? That wasn’t a betrayal of Kate Middleton, it was just our princess fantasies running away with us. But wasn’t it nice?

Oh my Heavens and the 13-year-old and Harry could’ve started dating a couple years after their siblings settled down happily. She would be the wild child who didn’t want to abide by royal rules. He would say charming things about her “spirit.”

Okay, really. I’m done. They can all go back to being people now and cease to exist in my childish fantasies. But really, yay for Prince William and his helicopter and the two girls who are now safe. Lifetime movie in 3…2…1…

(Photo: WENN)