prince william uniform

He also has a sexy uniform.

Prince Harry grew a beard in Antarctica, and Kate Middleton is basically a grown-up paper doll for us to play with, but Prince William is fast on track to becoming everybody’s favorite royal. His journey into our hearts started when he joined a Bon Jovi cover band with Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi, and then he celebrated Christmas by taking an impromptu selfie with a random 12-year-old girl.

According to Vanity Fair, 12-year-old Madison Lambe was waiting with an assembled group of children to hand flowers to the Queen as she emerged from church on Christmas Day. Prince William approached the group, and Madison asked him if she could take a picture.

“You can’t beat a good selfie on Christmas Day!” Prince William said, and posed behind her for a group selfie. Madison says she was so nervous she couldn’t even take the picture, so Prince William held the phone and pressed the button for her.

prince william selfie

“It was really good. I didn’t expect it,” she told the Daily Mail. “He was really nice and I was so excited. I’ve put the picture on Facebook. My friends think it is really good and they have been commenting on it.”

This nice, slightly dorky, man of the people approach is really working for Prince William. But of course the entire world is now waiting to see when his wife will start gracing us with selfies, because a Kate Middleton selfie would definitely be the news of the year.

Photos via WENN, Facebook/PrinceWilliamAndKate