Prince William’s second day in New Zealand was spent mostly in Wellington, the country’s Creative Capital City.

His first stop was at the National War Memorial which honors the men and women who had given their lives in the course of duty. He inspected the guard during a ceremony and then laid a rose on the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. He was accompanied by Prime Minister John Key.


Prince William then proceeded to Wellington to open the building of the Supreme Court. Upon his arrival, he was greeted in the traditional Maori way: The ‘hongi’ is performed by pressing one’s nose to another’s. In the photo above, he is greeted by Sir Ralph Ngata Love. (More photos below)

See the video below for a glimpse of the welcome ceremony. This report mentions that Prince William was given a photo of his mother Princess Diana, from her own visit there in 1983. And, a revelation that we won’t see the prince kissing any babies in the crowd because it breaks royal protocol!

In his speech at the Supreme Court, Prince William recounted his first visit in 2005, and mentioned his own “links to the legal profession” (In July 2009, he was made honorary barrister at London’s Middle Temple). He ended his speech with a note about the architecture of the building and a common Maori idiom which shows agreement or support:

This room has an extraordinary feel to it – as if we are actually inside the cone of the Kauri – the giant of the ancient forests of New Zealand.  I understand that when the Kauri cone matures, its winged seeds are dispersed by the wind.  In the same way, let this Court dispense justice to all parts of the nation.

Tēnā tatou katoa.

The afternoon was a change of pace, with a visit to the nature reserve on Kapiti Island. Prince William spent some time with well-wishers before boarding a boat that took him to the island. One of the interesting creatures he met there was the kiwi, NZ’s official bird! Footage from the island trip is also in the video below so don’t miss it!

The day ended with Prince William and Prime Minister Key donning aprons for a barbecue at Premier House in Wellington.



images via Zuma Press