In front: Princess Anne the Princess Royal, and her brother Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex; behind them, Autumn and Peter Phillips (Princess Anne’s son)

Much is being made of the dress that Princess Anne wore to last weekend’s wedding between Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman. The white and yellow print dress was the same one that the Princess Royal wore to the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, 27 years ago! She even wore the same yellow hat.

In terms of fashion, Princess Anne’s choice seems to be more talked about than even the bride’s gown. Lady Rose Windsor, by the way, wore a gown by London-based Franka Couture. Kate Middleton, whose fashion choices are also scrutinized often, wore a knee-length dress, paired with a light blue jacket and a black fascinator.


Kate Middleton (middle), Prince William’s long-time girlfriend, with two unidentified guests at the wedding of Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman

Princess Anne is well-known for her frugal ways. It’s not a big surprise for her to re-use a dress she’s already worn before. And anyway, vintage is the new black. So Princess Anne is very much on top of today’s trends.

images used with permission from Newscom