Last month, I put out a query about a bag that Princess Letizia had during the visit to the ‘La Sexta’ TV studios. I wondered who the bag designer is. Well, the mystery is solved!

And yes, it’s a Burberry bag. Specifically, it’s the Ruched Leather Lowry tote, which retails for £1,195.00 (about $1800.00). Here’s a close-up during the La Sexta visit.

[picapp_v1 publisher_id=”4987″ image_url=”” js_image_id=”477409″ width=”420″ height=”310″ alt=”Prince Felipe & Princess Letizia Visit La Sexta Television Studios” href_image_id=”3088473″]

Princess Letizia has been seen with the bag at least once before. She and Prince Felipe visited a student residence in Madrid on December 1, 2008. We can clearly see the bag in this photo, taken during that time:


It’s not a formal-looking bag, so Princess Letizia can use it for her daily engagements. If you spot any more hot handbags on the arms of the royal ladies, give me a shout out and maybe we can join forces in finding the designers.

hat tip to carlota of The Royal Forums for identifying the designer; Image: Newscom