A good number of the meetings attended by Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands involve finance and economics. As an Economics graduate, she worked in the bank industry before marrying Crown Prince Willem-Alexander.


One of distinguishing factors of her work as a royal is her continued involvement in the Dutch finance industry, particularly as a supporter of microcredit. Just goes to show that a princess doesn’t just have to be pretty and learn to wave royally. Princess Maxima has used her background and experience to benefit her work, the royal family and her adopted country.

The most recent meeting Princess Maxima attended was with the Council of Microfinance in Vlissingen, the Netherlands on Tuesday. I love that the meeting was just business as usual, without a lot of fancy trimmings. Check out the fire extinguisher lying in a corner and the boxes of supplies behind Princess Maxima, plus the low-key handwritten nameplate in one of the photos below.


Image: © Royal Press Europe/Action Press/ZUMA Press