Queen Elizabeth attended a public church service yesterday at the West Newton parish church near Sandringham. The outing was her last in Norfolk before her return to London today. Following tradition, the Queen has been at her estate since just before Christmas. Though the past weeks have not been a purely work-free vacation, I’m sure she enjoyed her more relaxed schedule in the estate, having lots of time with her corgis, horses and the countryside.


At the church, the Queen and Prince Philip briefly met some of the residents who gathered outside the church to greet the royals. A couple of little girls presented the Queen with some flowers.

Now, here is something I have not really paid attention to before. Under her lovely pink coat, the Queen was wearing a pair of boots! I had to look back through older photos, and found that she wore the same boots at a service at St Peter’s Church in Wolferton last month (photo in the gallery below). Now I’m curious whether this is something new in Her Majesty’s winter wardrobe, or something that I just didn’t notice before. I thought she always wore pumps with her dresses. Boots are more Zara Phillips or Kate Middleton’s style than the Queen’s. Have you seen her wear dressy boots like these before?


images via Zuma Press