Sometimes, you just can’t wait for that bottle of Pinot to chill peacefully in your fridge. Or you pack a Riesling for an afternoon picnic in the park and by the time you pop the cork it’s room temp. The result: an unpleasantly luke warm glass of white wine.

But suffer no more. This instant wine chiller from Ravi doesn’t require you to cool down the entire bottle of wine, it just brings the temperature of whatever wine passes through it to a desirable level. Throw it in the freezer and then stick it in your wine bottle like you would a cork. Your wine is chilled instantly as it passes through an inner, frozen stainless-steel tube. The more time wine spends in the Ravi, the colder it gets. And since not all wines are enjoyed at the same temperature, Ravi has a valve that controls the rate of flow of wine in order to regulate the temperature. Plus, it will keep its chilling properties for up to 90 minutes, and is efficient enough to cool down an entire bottle of red.