There has been some really great discussion going on in the thread for Jessica’s post “The World Never Tires of Eating Disorders.” If you haven’t read it yet – and you totally should, because it’s great – Jessica talks about the futility of “You are beautiful”-esque ads as a way to make people feel better about their bodies. This comment from Beth hit the nail on the head so well that it needs its own shoutout:

I agree completely! I mean, why do people waste their money on these campaigns? An eating disorder is essentially a disease, and you can’t just slap a picture of a bigger girl saying “You’re Beautiful” in front of someone who has severe anorexia and assume that will help. Invest the money spent on these dumb billboards into treatment centres and hospitals to actually help these people. That’s like putting an ad in a magazine that is targeted towards people with depression saying “Cheer up!!!” and putting a picture of a bunch of happy people on it. It’s not helping.

Well said.