The Smiths and their new baby

If you remember The Real World: New Orleans (not the recent “back to New Orleans” season, which we’re never speaking of again), you’ll remember Matt Smith, the cast member who was equally devoted to his skateboarding and his Christianity. Matt, now 31, has since married and is enrolled in an MBA program at the University of Arizona. And now he’s back in the news again – this time because he helped deliver his own daughter.

The young couple, who live in south Tempe, sped off to Mercy Gilbert Medical Center about seven miles away. Matt still thought he had plenty of time. He never suspected he wouldn’t make it to the hospital.

By the time the Smiths had reached Loop 202 near Dobson Road, Candyce told Matt to pull over. The baby was coming.

Matt clicked on his hazard lights and went around to the front passenger side, where Candyce was sitting.

“I opened the door, the phone on 911 clenched between my ear,” Matt said. Candyce was “very calm, but you could tell that this was not our plan.”

The 911 dispatcher was giving Matt directions and Mother Nature took care of the rest. Within minutes, Matt was holding his newborn baby girl.

“When I heard my baby crying, I knew she was breathing,” Matt said.

Paramedics arrived shortly afterward.

Once he certain the paramedics were taking care of both his “girls,” Matt fell down on the side of the freeway and started to cry.

Aw, I always knew I liked that guy. For once in her life, crazy Julie was right about something. Is it too late to add Matt to this list?