I’ve been telling myself to get my own printer for almost a month now. Especially with all the wedding planning that I still have to do, I think having a printer would be most handy.

It might be hard for you to believe that a supposedly techie girl like me doesn’t have her own printer at home. I just didn’t see the need to own one after I graduated from college. Well, I do have a printer but it’s super obsolete already and I don’t think it even works anymore.

So yeah, I’ve been meaning to get a new printer and I’m actually looking at the Canon MP198. That was the printer I used at my old job and I liked how easy it was to use. It’s a 3-in-1 printer that copies, scan and prints. The Canon MP198 costs around $80 here in the Philippines and I personally think the price is perfect since I’m on a budget, haha.

But if I had more money, I would love to get this new Pixma printer Canon came out with for Valentine’s Day! An exclusive RED Canon Pixma MP640R. Rawr. So cute! And the features are awesome too!

Canon Pixma MP640R Features:

  • 3-in-1 Printer, Copier and Scanner
  • Network Ready via Ethernet or WiFi
  • Has a built-in card reader.

The Canon Pixma M640R costs around $150 at Best Buy.

[ Image courtesy of Canon ]

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