Man, we really loved your submissions for Regrets Week–every single one of you came across as thoughtful, introspective, compassionate and–best of all–you all seemed to learn something from your regret. We were pretty floored by you guys and really happy to see all the support and good will in the comment threads. Now we’d like to give you some fancy sunglasses.

Pick your favorite regret below–but if you explain your reasoning in a comment, that essay will get an extra point. The submission with the highest rating will receive some these designer shades by Lumete! Polls close tomorrow at 4.

I Regret Not Loving Myself Sooner
I Regret My College Major
I Regret Letting Codependency Rule My Life
I Regret My Long Distance Relationship
I Regret My Tattoos
I Regret Ignoring A Celebrity In Public
I Regret Dating a Criminal
I Regret My Credit Card Debt
I Regret Not Pressing Charges Against My Rapist
I Regret My Undergraduate Poetry
I Regret Not Breaking Up With My Boyfriend Sooner
I Regret Stealing Because I Was Bored
I Regret Dying My Naturally Blonde Hair
I Regret Losing Touch With My Siblings
I Regret Community College
I Regret Losing My Best Friend

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