Agata Oleksiak, a.k.a. “Olek,” has been using yarn to make playfully subversive statements for quite some time. She’s the same person who caught Wall Street’s attention by crocheting a coozie for the Wall Street bull sculpture last year, and she also exists as part of a larger “yarn bombing” movement that forces people to re-think the role of gender and folk art in public space and social movements.

Now, Olek has joined the rapidly growing Occupy Wall Street movement by hijacking the public space at Astor Place with a big, girly, camo-patterned work encasing that hideous cube. It might not be as easy to read as the protesters’ signs, but that doesn’t mean it has no meaning. The combination of femininity, cuteness, handicrafts, street art, and implied militancy that emanate from this thing is incredible. I hope the city leaves it up for a little while. (Yeah, right.)

Here is a video of the piece’s creation:


(Via Animal NY)