In January, I am always struck with the urge to remove and redecorate. That’s mainly because I am a hermit who doesn’t go outside during the winter months, so I want my home/cave to be as beautiful as possible. If you, too, are a homebody itching for a change, chase away the winter blahs with one of these easy decor projects for your house or apartment. They’re renter-friendly, fairly easy, and shouldn’t take more than just a few hours.

1. Instagram Photo Wall via Jen Loves Kev


Jen’s been one of my fave bloggers forever and I especially love her incredibly simple, yet awesome-looking Instagram wall.

2. DIY Crate Shelves via Mr. Kate


This might take an afternoon or two (especially if you’re staining or painting) but I love the woodsy vibe.

3. Fabric Garland Chandelier via A Beautiful Mess


You would seriously never know that this ethereal decoration is made from a wire cooling rack, would you?

4. “Fake” Window Valance via The Borrowed Abode


Thrift store valances and some tape! Easy and perfect.

5. Reupholster A Headboard via Young House Love


So easy and such a fun way to update a bedroom! I think I might do this one myself with a piece of graphic black-and-white fabric.

6. Install A Pegboard via Rue


If you have enough room, installing a pegboard in your kitchen can help cut down on clutter. I would definitely paint mine a bright color, rather than the plain white in the tutorial.

7. Giant Cross Stitch Wall Art via WhimseyBox


So many possibilities for this one, if a gigantic shape of the state of Texas is not your thing.

7. Fabric Wall Art via Brit & Co 


This project is incredibly simple and adds a lot of color to your home, depending on the fabric you choose. Plus, you can always change it up once you get tired of it.

8. Painted Rug via The Poor Sophisticate


Take a crappy old rug and make it look great again with a little bit of paint.

9. Terrariums via The Brick House


I’ve always admired terrariums but never owned one. Now I don’t really have an excuse, with this easy tutorial.

10. Removable Wallpaper via The Furniture Finder


This removable wallpaper is freaking genius. GENIUS, I tell you.

11. Painted Table via How About Orange

how-to-paint-a-tableYeah, I’m going to need this table in my life like, yesterday.

12. Confetti Wall Mural via Curbly


Really simple, but packs a bold punch. Wouldn’t this look pretty if done in all silver or all gold?

13. Canopy Bed via Apartment Therapy


This says it’s for a dorm bed, but it can be for any bed!

14. Plate Wall via POPSUGAR


Get yourself to the thrift store and buy a bunch of cool plates. Now hang them on the wall. Ta-da!

15. Fabric Switchplate via Apartment Therapy


This tutorial will teach you how to dress up both switchplates and knobs.

All photos via respective blogs and websites