Rihanna and Cara Delevingne seen while leaving Cirque Du Soir nightclub in London

Image: Pacific Coast News.

Because some men just want to watch the world burn, heavy partiers Rihanna and Cara Delevingne have decided it’s a good idea to move in together. An ever-reliable “unnamed source” told Sugar Scape, “The two decided that since they have such similar lifestyles—up all night raving at nightclubs—they’d make perfect roommates.” Yep. That’s definitely the recipe for healthy cohabitation.

Think of their combined wardrobes! Think of their outgoing personalities bouncing off each other! Think of the potential reality show! With this news, I can’t stop picturing other fashion icons that would make fantastic roommates. Here are five pairs that couldn’t be more of a shitshow than RiRi and Cazza.

1. Tyra Banks and Anna Wintour. I’m imagining a wide-eyed and screaming Tyra going on a “Be quiet, Tiffany!” style rant– and Anna shutting her down just by pursing her lips infinitesimally.

2. Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian. Since they’re both queens of turning highly scripted situations into “reality,” these two could make running the washing machine look like a soap opera.

3. Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence. Combine Gaga’s theatrical, larger-than-life style with JLaw’s famously chill attitude, and I just have a feeling the dishes would, like, never get done.

4. Joan Rivers and Emma Watson. Joan would fire the mean-spirited one-liners at full speed and Emma would just sit there, with good posture, perfectly still, in intimidating British silence. They may never move.

5. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Think about them now, as adults, in a shared apartment. You’d walk in and think there was nobody there. Then, after several minutes of searching, you’d discover two very quiet and small women swimming in two very large coats.

So what do you think? Will Cara and Rihanna live up to our expectations and fuel each other’s fires? Will they surprise us by spending a lot of quiet evenings in front of the TV, painting each other’s nails? Whatever they end up doing, I’m willing to bet they’ll look great doing it. And the rent check will always be late.