In the following video, Rihanna is seen hanging out with her relatives as Jay-Z provides poignant narration about the real meaning of family. They provide you with the tools you need to grow, he tells us, and are proud when you succeed. And in case you were questioning just how rilly ril this video is, Rihanna is shown not wearing any makeup and still looking irritatingly great.

The video is worth watching, though, not just to learn about the meaning of life from Jay-Z or to know how much better-looking Rihanna is than most people, but to hear Rihanna’s mom lay down the law for the singer’s little brother. In emphasizing the importance of work and school over socializing, she tells Riri’s brother that his rule is: “Monday to Friday, no Facebook — textbook.”

I hear the slogan for a new government campaign.

[youtube_iframe id=”zl1PHyLNkf0″]