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Everyone knows that Rob Kardashian is both the least successful of all the Kardashians. Oh, you didn’t know there was a Rob Kardashian? That’s probably because he is also the most forgettable Kardashian, but for once, we are talking about him due to a rather disturbing image he posted to Instagram about his sister Kim. Check it out:

Rob Kardashian Instagram Gone Girl Kim Kardashian photo

Now, I am not one to read into the actions of the Kardashians as being anything but “pay attention to meeee!!!” ploys and attempts to attract more advertisers to their patented familial brand, but this feels a little more “please pay attention to me” in a much more distressed way–the kind that actually requires immediate attention. It’s one thing to poke fun at your siblings over social media, like when the tabloids accuse you of banging your sister’s husband a la Kendall Jenner/Scott Disick/Kourtney Kardashian; it’s a totally different thing to post a bloody photo of a woman in a film that involves a whoooole lot of violence (no spoilers, don’t worry!) along with a caption calling your sister a “bitch.”

It is almost definitely very stressful to be the sibling of a family like Rob’s. His sisters are wildly successful as celebrity figures to the point that every time one of his sisters dyes her hair, it becomes one of the biggest stories of the day, and even other massive celebrities wind up talking about it. Meanwhile, Rob’s been stuck in the backseat for years, pretty consistently ignored and made fun of in the media. I admittedly have a policy on not feeling bad for rich, famous people who have few real problems threatening their survival, but I do feel sorry for Rob at times. Just as I feel sympathy towards Bruce Jenner for all the insane amount of cruel, bullying publicity over his gender, I feel Rob has been subjected to far more than he signed up for.

Just stick to promoting your sock brand, Rob. Let the social media exhibitionism be handled by the professionals: every single one of your siblings and half-siblings. We’ll be counting down ’til some Kardashian representative–who’s probably literally in-house now considering they need one every five minutes–claims that Rob’s account got “hacked.”