kim kardashian's butt selfie

It’s time to give up, social media enthusiasts. Roseanne Barr just won Twitter. We can all go home now.

The 61-year-old comedienne channeled everyone’s favorite selfie ham, Kim Kardashian, and posted a photo of herself wearing a tight black tank top and leggings. She nailed the pose, too– turned to the side, butt out, boobs up, face positioned to erase the double chin, arm away from the body to keep everything looking slim, sassy half-smile, eyebrows raised. To make matters even more hilarious, she cheekily captioned it, “Hey #kanye.” I need a second to process this. Too funny to handle.

roseanne barr's kim kardashian selfie

It usually makes me weirdly sad when celebrities make fun of each other (I’m still mad at James Franco for his cruel joke about Lindsay Lohan), but that’s why it’s so fun and refreshing to see stuff like this. The House of Kardashian definitely doesn’t have a problem with a lack of confidence, and Kim’s not going to cry herself to sleep at night just because Roseanne thinks she’s a tool. It’s all light and friendly and I love it. I’m considering getting this selfie framed. Or blown up onto a throw blanket like they do at Wal-Mart.

And if you love Roseanne’s pic as much as I do, let’s all work together to turn Hey #Kanye into a trend. Get your grandma to strike a Kim K pose. Get your dude friends to recreate the Kimye Vogue cover like Franco and Seth Rogen did. Any time you leave the house for the rest of your life, first stop by a full length mirror and proudly stick your butt out. It’s what Roseanne would want.

Via Huffington Post / Photos: @kimkardashian@TheRealRoseanne