Spain’s Crown Princess Letizia has been busy in the past weeks, attending award ceremonies, meetings and other events. The former journalist has worn a variety of styles, from trousers to combinations of short dresses, opaque tights and platform shoes. It’s all about the clothes and shoes today!


Above, the princess and her mum-in-law Queen Sofia attended the annual beneficial market of Nuevo Futuro (New Future) on November 23. This was a more informal visit, looking at the goods available from various merchants. Princess Letizia was in dark grey slim trousers, a grey top and a purple cardigan, and her Burberry Ruched Leather Lowry tote.

Below, Princess Letizia and Prince Felipe presented the ‘Antonio Asencio Journalism Awards’ to the Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (InterAmerican Press Society) in Madrid. The princess wore a short dress, tights and heels in grey/black for the event, with a jeweled belt and bracelet providing a hint of dazzle. And those shoes are not plane Jane either!


Here’s another combo of dress-tights-platforms at the 25th Anniversary ceremony of the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs on November 26.  This time, it’s in raspberry. The dress had a gorgeous jeweled neckline. A black clutch is all that’s needed to complement the look. Princess Letizia also carried what looks like a thin shawl, but didn’t wear it then.


Princess Letizia had a solo engagement at a meeting with the Association for the Promotion and Care of Mental Poor Adults and of the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery on December 1. Again, a short dress and tights for the event. I don’t care much for the skirt, but the sequined cardigan is beautiful!


Yesterday, King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia, Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia hosted a gala for the heads of the parties in the European Parliament. The reception at the Royal Palace marks Spain’s turn at the 6-month EU Presidency, which starts in January. The princess chose a more business-like jacket and skirt, in eye-catching red.


Lastly, let’s take a look at another event which the Crown Couple attended yesterday. Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia attended the opening of the XII Voluntary Work State Congress at the Victor Villegas auditorium, in Murcia. A nice change from the usual for the lovely princess: knee-high boots instead of platform heels!

Here’s that look, first with the beige coat:


And then, we get to see the beautiful dress! A simple but youthful look for her:


And that wraps up our fashion Friday! I hope you enjoyed it!

images: Zuma Press