For today’s Fashion Friday, we’re going to shift gears from entire outfits to a specific item in royal fashion: the clutch. These versatile little bags can carry a princess or queen’s most important necessities. Perhaps a handkerchief or tissues, lipstick and some other small makeup items, photos of the kids/grandkids? Whatever it is that they may need for royal engagements, these accessories are sure to hold.

The royal ladies of Spain and Denmark, and their pretty bags, are the features for today.


Queen Sofia and Princess Letizia (with King Juan Carlos and Prince Felipe) attended the Foreign Ambassadors Reception, at Spain’s Royal Palace on January 14, 2010. Queen Sofia chose a royally purple little bag (left in photo above) with a gold chain. Princess Mary’s simple black bag accessorized her gray gown.

Photos of the full outfits and more royal bags are in the gallery below:


Bonus royal clutch: Merry Royals reader Andrea asked me about this union jack clutch seen on Sophie, Countess of Wessex. This is one of the Paparazzi clutch bags by ASOS, which are made to look like a rolled-up magazine. There are many variations on the magazine clutch. I saw a few of the union jack ones on the eBay UK site.

images via Zuma Press