Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoy a cuddle at the Beaufort Polo Club in June, 2008.

So far, we’ve enjoyed photos of married royal sweethearts in our feature about romantic royal couples. I believe that a list of romantic royals will be incomplete without Prince William and Kate Middleton. Though they’re not married (yet), they have been together long enough for people to think of them as on the sure way to wedded bliss.

Just before Valentine’s Day, our featured couple is therefore this young prince and his lovely girlfriend. There is a lot of tenderness between Prince William and Kate, testament to the many years they’ve been together.


Prince William’s tender touch on Kate’s arm during a charity event at the Beaufort Polo Club in June, 2008.


Prince William gives Kate some help in Klosters in March 2008.

Prince-William-Kate-Middleton-bg500-41012m_william_p_b_gr_02 Prince William and Kate Middleton leaving Boujis in September 2006.


Prince William and Kate on a ski holiday in Klosters, with Prince Charles and Prince Harry in March 2005.


Prince William and Kate enjoy a laugh during a skiing holiday.


Prince William and Kate on a skiing vacation in March 2004. They have been dating for only a few months.

Except for the brief period of time when Prince William and Kate broke up, it seems that they are still as close today as they were on their first few months as a couple. They have much to celebrate this Valentine’s day.

Image: Bauer-Griffin