When the fiance gave me an Lumix LX3 for Christmas last year, he asked me whether I would have wanted the GF1 more since it was a newer model. I told him easily that, nah, I was fine with the Lumix LX3 even though its a slightly older. For me, they both had similar features and specifications anyway, except that the GF1 was more compact and had high quality HD movie recording. I’m not into taking videos anyway, so it’s not such a loss. The GF1 was so much more expensive as well, so I was pretty content with having the Lumix LX3.

But gah, if the fiance asked me the question whether I would have wanted this special edition Sakura Pink Panasonic GF1 instead, I would have had a harder time giving him a straight answer!

I’m not particularly fond of pink gadgets (I prefer white! Pink gadget accessories are okay, though), it would be soooo awesome if I get to own a pink GF1! There’s just something really unnerving about having a pink camera that takes high quality photos. It’s the same feeling when I saw the pink Pentax K-X.

[ Image courtesy of Aving ]

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