When researching what bands to cover this week for CMJ, I came across this article on England’s Savages. (Or rather, my roommate/partner-in-crime pointed it out to me after I mentioned I wanted to see them.) Savages is (are?) an amazing band that appeals deeply to my Siouxsie Sioux-loving heart, but the article also contains a bit of info relevant to this column: there is a working replica of Salvador Dali‘s melting clock available for purchase somewhere in the world. Frontwoman Jehnny Beth has one, and so can you!

A bit of research later, we found one such replica on Amazon.com. For just $11.79, you too can pretend like you live in a subconscious dreamscape where clocks melt and time makes no sense (but the clock will still tell it to you). Or maybe just somewhere really hot.

It’s the weekend, y’all. Time to melt clocks, bang heads, and get weird.