So I think I’m going to cave in.

I’ve been proudly boasting about being the last person on the planet without a smart phone, but it’s time to change. My old phone just isn’t cutting it (remember T9? Yeah, I still use that). Plus, Samsung’s Galaxy S III looks really awesome. It seems perfect and simple to use, with features that make sharing with friends easier than ever (it can recognize friends’ faces when you take a picture!), easy to use (if you’re texting somebody and want to call them, you just put the phone to your ear!), and easy to take amazing-quality pictures (I don’t know what 8 megapixels means, but it sounds good). With features like this and many more, I have to ask myself why I’m still using a phone that flips.

“The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”? I think so.

This post is sponsored by the Samsung Galaxy S III.