Sometimes I like to give Sarah Silverman shit for being kind of a one-trick pony, but I still have to admit that she’s great at abortion jokes.

Yesterday she posted a charming “before and after” photo via twitter alongside the caption “Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned.” This is an abortion joke done right, i.e. at the expense of those who want to take away women’s autonomy over our own bodies. In fact, it’s kind of crazy, but I actually dreamed the same joke in one of my many paranoid pregnancy dreams a while back. The dream went something like this:

Me (to best friend): Well, I guess I’m getting an abortion. But at least I’ll be getting mine while they’re still safe and legal!

Even in my dreams, I like to joke about sad things to make them seem less scary.

But as funny as these jokes may be, and as much as they may help us cope with our fears, I feel obligated to remind you that the right to choose is under very real attack right now. If this scares you as much as it does me, don’t forget to vote for pro-choice candidates and donate money to the cause. And if that doesn’t work, might I suggest TAKING IT TO THE STREETS?

I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

(Via Jezebel)