Harry And The HendersonsDear Gloss readers,

The time has come for me to say goodbye. I’ll do my best to keep it short and sweet.

I don’t really know how to eulogize my time here, so I’ll just say that I’m very grateful for it. The Gloss was the first place to ever employ me as a writer and they granted me enormous editorial freedom–no matter how weird the results. They let me create a separate character, something that eventually spawned a book (however unexpected). They let me imagine how Werner Herzog would narrate people having sex. They let me do a bad Joseph Conrad impression while covering a Jersey Shore cast member’s sweatpants fashion show. They were also the first–and presumably the last–place to publish my terrible illustrations (though I quite liked doing them).

I have had the great pleasure of working with a laundry list of smart, talented people. I can’t even talk about the stuff I’ve written over the last three years without mentioning the site’s former EIC Jennifer Wright–when I look back on the things I most loved doing here, I invariably think of anything she and I wrote together. Like Wed Bed Dead. Like any Editors Debate. Like the one where I had to explain to her what The Lion King was about. We fought over erotic thrillersmarriage and one hit wonders. We discussed Shakespeare’s authorshipdoing bath salts and classism (a lot). They were dark. They were weirdThey were sadAnd most of them devolved. I love them all.

Anyway. I feel extremely lucky for the three years I’ve spent at this funny, original site–this place that has always been just a little bit odd as far as fashion and beauty blogs go. I’m sure that the wonderful editorial team–Sam, Julia, Liz and Haley–will make sure it stays that way.

With that, it’s time for me to go.