Whenever you take naked pics of yourself, you always run the risk that somehow, someday, you will get Kim Kardashian-ed. But should you have to worry about that when all you do is show up to school?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to “N.N.,” a 17-year-old girl from Pennsylvania. The Daily Mail reports that N.N. had her cell phone confiscated after using during a time when it was supposed to be put away. Fine. Whatever. All well and good. But then, the creeper in charge of the school principal decided that as long as he had the girl’s phone, he may as well scroll through her texts, pictures and emails. What did he find? Naked pics of her. What did he do? Suspend her.

Yup — take private, naked pictures, with — it later came out — your boyfriend, and with the intention of showing them to no one, and you still run the risk of having someone who claims to have authority totally violating your privacy! Oh yeah, and then making you take the blame for it.

The good news is that there’s some semblance of justice in this story:

[N.N.] has won $33,000 (£21,240) after suing her school in a landmark case for civil liberties.

Now, a girl winning a lawsuit after being sexually violated and then punished for it is obviously the outcome we’re looking for. But who was in the wrong here, and who is feeling the consequences? As the principal sits in his cushy job (with his cushy new imagery), here’s what N.N. has to deal with:

In a statement N.N. said: ‘I was absolutely horrified and humiliated to learn that school officials, men in the DA’s office and police had seen naked pictures of me.’

In other words, because of the “nature of the case,” N.N. has now been overtly sexualized by her whole community against her will. Of course, I’m sure they’re all being consummate professionals about this, and will never jerk off to her image, picture her when they have sex, or have that image flash through their minds at random times during the day. Oh, wait — it’s too late to control for that! So now every time N.N. encounters her principal — the man in charge of her education — she has to wonder whether or not he’s thinking about her tits. She can also wonder that should she ever need to call the police for anything. Sounds like a really safe place for her to learn and live, huh?