The new “Diet Dr. Pepper Is Manly” campaign has inspired quite a few responses significantly more intelligent and well-reasoned than it deserved. Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky pointed out that the commercial is incredibly patronizing towards men, while Advertizing Wizards pointed out that it’s almost ridiculous enough to be a parody of sexism, but not quite. Basically, it sucks all around.

I wasn’t going to write about this ham-fisted attempt at creating controversy, mainly because it’s too transparent and stupid to even engage with. But a quick peek at the brand’s Facebook page reveals some amusingly defensive reactions to the controversy, so I will quote some of them now.

Here we have an example of the meta-troll, who trolls everyone who is rightfully pissed off by this campaign by saying that they are the ones who are trolling:

Next we have the old rhetorical phallacy of “how dare you complain about [insert bad thing here] when there are more important things in the world to complain about”:

Next, we have a man who is so very glad his wife is not one of those crazy “feminist” people with “ideas” about things:

And lastly, we have a man who is disappointed in the product’s failure to deliver the manly flavor he was promised:

Dr. Pepper Ten: the perfect carbonated aspartame water for the gullible sexist in your life!