Remember when I shared the “satirical” Halloween song “Halloween Is Just An Excuse To Dress Like A Slut” and I was kind of skeeved by the mixed messages it was sending? Let’s just say that The Daily Show was way more successful in its execution of satirizing the Halloween costume industry.*

The very funny Kristen Schaal showed up last night to comment on “overtly sexy Halloween costumes.” In her words: “Isn’t it great? The fact that women get this one night – only one – out of the whole year to be viewed as sexual objects AND we get to choose what kind!” I mean, this may truly be the definition of “treat” in trick-or-treat!

Schaal further elaborated that women still need to push the sexy costume envelope further and she has some ideas for how to make that happen. That’s why someone dressed in a vagina costume appears on set.

All in all, what I love about this video is that it’s about poking fun at the abundance and ridiculousness of “sexy” costume options (pizza crust shoulder pads, anyone?) that are often the options available for women, rather than shaming women for how they choose to dress on Halloween. Have a laugh at the video above while you plan your Halloween costume for next week – whatever it is you may choose to be!

*We also learned that Jon Stewart apparently really loves pizza, so I’m filing that trivia nugget away.

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(via Jezebel)