Now at The Gloss, we’re compiling a list of our favorite Internet videos each day, to distract you for a few minutes in the afternoon. Enjoy!

The Gloss Top Video Pick:

1. Somebody In Hollywood Should Bankroll “She’s Not Quirky”

Finally, a movie for those of us who won’t/refuse to achieve Manic Pixie Dream Girl status. Despite what Hollywood tries to tell us, regular gals can totally have their own love story. Who knew?!


[youtube_iframe id=”a5kYmrjongg”]
2. Saving Mr. Banks Trailer

Turns out there was a lot of drama between Disney and author P.L. Travers around the cheery Mary Poppins movie, which spoiler alert (according to Wikipedia’s historical record), wasn’t ever totally resolved. Considering that, I’m curious how this movie will address this all, but hey – Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson are solid actors. Until this premieres, snag some style tips from Mary Poppins.


[youtube_iframe id=”GlUQE2forhk”]
3. A “Friday” Treat: Part 1

Quick flashback to 2011 – remember “Friday,” the infamous viral song by Rebecca Black? Look, she NEVER (ed. note: AH! I was missing the key word “never” initially! Definitely a big oversight, so please accept my apology.) deserved all the hate for that song (and honestly, I found it really catchy), so I am happy to say that her new cover of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” is actually really good! Plus, this acoustic video is less nightmarishly bizarre than Miley’s creation. Keep doing your thing, Rebecca.


[youtube_iframe id=”lAIGb1lfpBw”]
4. A “Friday” Treat: Part 2

Celebrate the end of the week with this amazing animation. Just watch and smile. A big thank you to Gloss editor Samantha for sending this my way.

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