Shopping bags are pretty, so why throw them away? Sure, you could recycle and use them as garbage bags, but I have a better idea.

I save my paper shopping bags and hang them on my wall to create a unique wallpaper. I’ve acquired a respectable collection over the years, but my only problem is that I usually shop in the same stores. Unfortunately, I don’t posses the funds to shop at the expensive stores I truly adore and a wall full of Abercrombie and Victoria’s Secret bags is uninteresting.

Yesterday, I had a revelation: go to stores and simply ask for a shopping bag. I assumed that the store employees would be a bit suspicious of my odd request, and some were, so I began to tell them that I was working on an art project for school. Kate Spade offered me two bags, one green and one pink, and the woman at Nanette Lepore even asked if I needed the bag to be a specific dimension.

At first I felt like a bad person for lying, but then I realized that it is basically an art project, only for my room and not for school.

I collected 30 bags yesterday and nearly every store was able to give me a bag, except for Prada. Bitches.