I decided to give my desktop a makeover yesterday after being stuck with the same wallpaper for the past 6 months. I’m in a stagnant rut lately and I was hoping that changing my wallpaper can brighten up my mood. And you know what, it actually did, haha!

So check out my new desktop wallpaper and setting! Cute huh? I think some people might actually say it’s a little too pink, but I like it. I just love the black and hot-pink combo. Plus the heart design makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And of course, that little Apple logo just professes my love and adoration for Mac. (Yeah, I’m an Apple Fan Girl, bite me, hehe)

I got the wallpaper from Mac Wallpapers. And if you notice the icons on my dock, instead of the usual Finder Icon, I have a cute little bear-like Finder Icon instead. I got them from Icon Archive. And as for my pink folder icons, I got them from Marmalade Moon.

Show me your desktop!

Download Wallpaper: Mac Wallpaper
Download Kaijubees Icons: Icon Archive
Download  Luminous Pink Folders for Mac: Marmalade Moon

[ Image courtesy of Gadgenista ]