k8ZRrQ8I do not know if this is the best thing I have ever seen, or the worst. Seriously, I’m sitting in my living room in tears and I need to show this to somebody, so I’m going to show it to you.

This is the story of ARuFa, a guy who does not have a girlfriend, but does have a spare shower and some craft supplies. He’s going to jury rig his own shower head girlfriend out of just a mask, some balloons, and a whole lot of tape.


Samantha is terrified of masks, so I cannot wait to make her read this post.

First, he mounted the mask to his shower head.


Then he dressed his shower up in something sexy and stuffed her full of newspapers, as you do.


Then he added boobs. I guess balloons make better breasts than newspaper. I have not researched this topic, so I will have to trust this guy’s expertise.


This is what all my nightmares will look like for the rest of my life.


Oh good, he added eyes. Because before it was creepy.


ARuFa’s girlfriend is complete! Buzzfeed points out that she looks a lot like Jennifer Lawrence, and now I cannot unsee it. The main difference between the shower girlfriend and Jennifer Lawrence is that Jennifer Lawrence is not going to murder you in your sleep tonight.


Also the shower girlfriend can do this.


I do not know why he wants a girlfriend who can do that, but that might be why I was single so long.

Now they are the best of friends. Or she is murdering him. The photos are unclear.


Why did he do this to a shower head instead of just making himself a pillow girlfriend like everyone else? The world may never know for sure, but I suspect he just really likes this:


I am dying here. Why is a very tall girlfriend who can spit hot water even a goal? My god, it’s like he’s being attacked by the girl from The Ring, but he likes it.

Still, each to each’s own. As long as they are happy, that’s all that matters. And they sure look happy.


Man, ARuFa is officially my favorite person in the world. This crazy dude deserves all the high-fives.

(Photos: imgur)