Courtney Stodden was recently photographed wearing a tutu to play beach volleyball, which is pretty normal, but one thing was notably absent from her ensemble — Stodden was barefoot.

As we all know, the child bride never goes anywhere without her stripper shoes, although she did recently complain about pain in her foot. So this might represent the first time we’ve ever seen her at her real height, and as it turns out, she’s short.

Does this signal a change in tune for the young celebride? Will she be foregoing Lucite footwear in favor of brazenly bare bunions? (She’s better at alliteration than I am.)

Only time will tell. In the meantime, the decision to wear a tutu while playing volleyball is obviously an epic move, and frankly one that makes me begin to really like Stodden. Because who does that? Who DOES that?

Courtney fucking Stodden, that’s who.