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Spring is (kind of) in the air and it’s time to make some purchases that will benefit your life, even in the smallest way.

I may have been touting ridiculous splurges to make with your tax refund, but here’s my redemption. All of these are practical, and won’t run you a month’s worth of rent. Spring is about cleaning out all the stuff you had hoarded away during the cold months and renewing yourself, so why not splurge on that new bike you kept telling yourself you’d buy once the weather was nice? Or some new bedding to make yourself feel super grown up (even if you aren’t)? Splurges done the right way can make you feel great about your life’s choices.

Here are a few spring splurges it’s okay to make, trust me.

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Percale Sheet Set (Parachute, $89-$149)

percale-sheet-set-powder I just got a new bed frame and mattress and I’ve been debating getting a nice pair of sheets for about a month now. I also listen to podcasts like, constantly, so hearing the ads for Parachute sheets have really got me thinking about biting the bullet and getting a set of these.

Plug 0 Bike (Charge Bikes, $500)

Charge16_Plug0_Full_Hi-res CitiBike is huge in NYC right now but I can’t help but want my own bike. If you’re in a place where you can get out onto two wheels but you don’t have a bike of your own, the time is now to get one and go for a ride (once the weather is actually consistently nice, that is).

Cedar Street Medium Harmony Bag (Kate Spade, $298)

PXRU4423_890_1_R A really nice work bag will never, ever be a bad decision to buy (unless you don’t actually go to work in which case, why are you buying one?). If you get a really good bag, you won’t have to worry about replacing it once you’ve worn it through a couple seasons. Also, look for one that zips closed!

OtterBox Statement Series Case for iPhone 6/6s (Apple, $39.95)

HJFJ2 As someone who just recently cracked the screen on their iPhone (for the first time ever!), a new phone case will be the next thing I buy. And not one of those you get at the kiosks at a mall or on the corner of a NYC street corner.

Wide-View Sensor Mirror (Simplehuman, $400)

st3008-gallery-s1So $400 may seem ridiculous for a mirror, but if you’re in any way, shape or form into beauty, you need this. If you’re thinking about getting into beauty vlogging or tutorials, this is the mirror for you. It even has a timer so you know when you’re spending way too long filling in your eyebrows and need to get out the door.

SodaStream Jet Starter Kit (Target, $60)

13940826 If you’ve wanted to actually get rid of your crippling soda addiction (or get a late start of your New Years resolution), the SodaSteam is the perfect thing to get for Spring. Our friends over at MadeMan say that it’s not only good for regular drinks, it’s perfect for the drinks of adult persuasion.