Looking for an inspirational gift idea to give to all your friends this year? Pick up these bracelets by Knot2Much2Ask.  This jewelry collection was created by actress Joley Fisher and her friend Helen Cavallo.  The collection consists of bracelets, necklaces and rings that proclaim positive thoughts and inspirational sayings to motivate and spread love.

Images: Shopbop

In need of a little courage?

Give someone you love this Ask for Courage Bracelet ($110)! It’s such a sweet and simple bracelet that will put a smile on anyone’s face. The 14k gold vermeil bar is etched with the words “Ask for courage” and features two strands of pretty pink string to tie around their wrist.

Other bracelets in the line include ones that ask for strength, laughter, patience, change, peace, everything, love and more. Each bracelet comes in a different colour depending on the sentiment. Give one to your best friend or closest girlfriends or even your mom this Mother’s Day.

You can purchase these bracelets on the Shopbop website. Also, check out the necklaces and rings in the Knot2Much2Ask line at their official website.