Well. You changed your Facebook profile picture to Aladdin. Huh. Okay.

Just so you know: you did not stop a child from being abused by inspiring a comment thread about Jafar’s facial hair.

Periodically these Facebook things crop up where you’re supposed to “raise awareness” about really bizarre causes no one has ever heard of before by doing things like changing your profile picture. That’s fine, because, awareness is important if people aren’t aware of things. Like Raynaud’s Disease, that’s a good example. Or Fatal Familial Insomnia. Wow, we really need more funding for gene therapy research (real talk. I actually mean that. I’m using this as my gene-therapy-is-going-to-cure-Alzheimer’s shout-out). Remember that meme where we all changed out profile pictures to New Yorker cartoons to support gene therapy research so people didn’t lapse into insomnia induced comas and die? That rocked!

Wait, no that’s not right. Those Facebook things are NEVER for things like FFI. They’re always for things people are incredibly aware of like “breast cancer” or “child abuse.” This one – the one where we all put cartoons in our profile pictures – is for child abuse. I guess if we all change our picture to kiddie icons, that will stop children from being abused.

Wait a second…

Sometimes, at TheGloss, we spit in your face and try to mow these memes down with a machine gun by pointing out that they’re cutesy to the point of demeaning, and periodically, we’re just like “huh. Here are some charities. You care? Donate or volunteer.” It’s probably because we’re getting soft. So. Huh. Here are some charities:

Child Abusion Prevention Association

Child Abuse Prevention Network

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation

Prevent Child Abuse America