i hate people

Because people are annoying.

So you prefer to be alone? Who cares! Being alone is pretty much the best thing in the world: No one to tell you what to do or judge any of your decisions. This article is for all the people out there who hate other people.

The idea of getting ready to go out into a large crowd of people, where you have to make small talk about your life all night, is actually more of a nightmare in your mind. You kind of want to punch the person who came up with the term “networking,” and taking visitors to tourists spots when they visit isn’t your idea of a good time. Those are just some signs that you hate other people.

Now, that’s not to say you don’t have friends. People who hate people may have lots of friends and enjoy being around them, but that’s because they know them and can have real conversations with them. Plus, it’s not necessary to fill the silence void when you’re around friends.

Here are 20 struggles only people who hate other people understand (also known as signs you and April Ludgate are soul mates):

1. Elevator small talk makes you cringe. 


2. You avoid any events that force you to deal with crowds of people.


3. You would rather be home binge-watching TV with a select group of people.


4. When you go to parties, you’re the first one to make up an excuse to leave. 


5. You have no tolerance for dumb people.


6. Chatty people on airplanes are your worst nightmare.


7. Visiting a famous city? You get in and out of tourist hot-spots as fast as humanly possible.


8. Headphones have become a staple accessory, even if you aren’t listening to music. 


9. Texting is your favorite form of communication.


10. Live-tweeting stupid comments you overhear is pretty much your favorite thing.


11. You’ve avoided jobs where you have to deal with other humans (i.e. restaurants and retail). 


12. You’ve perfected the smile and nod when talking to strangers.


13. But you have no problem telling people to go away when they won’t take a hint.


14. It’s hard to find someone you can tolerate long enough to date. 


15. You hate all of the following: selfies, selfie sticks, and people who take photos with their iPad. 


16. High school reunions give you extreme anxiety. 


17. You don’t like to make plans unless you know exactly who will be there. 


18. On the bright side, people can never convince you to participate in things you don’t want to. 


19. People sometimes judge you for being too anti-social.


20. But at the end of the day, you’re like…


– by Lindsey Kupfer

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