Remember when Demi Lovato took a selfie with a “dead” body aka a movie prop and we were all like “LOL weird!” Well, now an Alabama high school student has taken a selfie with an actual dead body and we’re like, “Ew….that’s weird…and we’re disturbed.”

Apparently, this went down on a school trip to the University of Alabama’s biology department. The student in question used her phone to take a picture of herself with a cadaver that had been donated to the department. I don’t know why anyone thought it was ok for high school students to be taken back to the room where they dissect cadavers, but I guess no one thought anyone would want to document the moment with a social media self portrait, either. WTF?

The student posted the photo to her Instagram account, and even though it’s since been removed, someone took a screenshot and alerted the school authorities. If you want to see the photo, the Daily Mail (Where the hell else?) has a copy of it, with the corpse’s face mercifully blurred out. You can see, though, that the sheet covering the body has been lifted up on purpose to show the actual body, which somehow makes this thing even creepier. Not only did this girl want to take a picture with a random dead body, she very specifically wanted to show that body’s face while she put her own smug little smiling face right next to it. Eeeeeeeeee it gives me chills.

The University of Alabama is, understandably, pissed. They said, in a statement:

“Tours of our facilities to introduce students — primarily high school seniors — to the teaching and research we do, play an important role in educating future scientists and doctors. Our policies require discretion and respect in our human anatomy facilities. No phones are allowed, no photos are to be taken, and faces of cadavers are covered. A student was made explicitly aware of these policies and breached them. This kind of disrespect is unacceptable and very disappointing. We will review our processes to ensure this does not happen again.”

There’s talk that this student will be suspended. I’m not sure if she necessarily broke any rules that would constitute suspension from her own high school in Limestone County, Alabama, but a stern talking to about propriety and respect for the dead, especially dead people you don’t even know, seems to be in order.

I think it would be easy to chalk this incident up to “Goddamn kids these days are so vain with their smartphones and their selfies and they have no respect!!!” but let’s not forget that Barack Obama and other world leaders were caught snapping selfies at a funeral last year. Maybe the entire world needs a stern talking to about the appropriate place for taking selfies. In your car? In your bathroom mirror? On a hike or in a dressing room or just hanging out with friends? By all means, share your beautiful visage with the masses. But if you are anywhere around the deceased, put the damn phone away.

Photo: Tara Moore via Getty Images