I am not ashamed to admit that I used pregnancy parking when I was pregnant. It was nice to park close to the mall when I was waddling and the roads were icy. Once I hit my seventh month, I figured that I deserved the perk of special parking, simply so I wouldn’t slip and fall while my balance was so incredibly off. The special parking actually didn’t stop me from falling and spending the week of Christmas on bedrest but that another story for another day. Anyways, I’m saying that I’m not always against special parking.

I am against special “female-friendly” parking that’s easier to pull in to. That’s why I won’t be visiting Triberg, Germany anytime soon. The mayor of this city decided that in the new parking garage built in Triberg, they should designate lady parking that’s relatively easy to pull into. He also gave a warning about the trickier spots to maneuver by labeling them as the “men’s” spots. Cuz, ya know, only guys can handle cars without breaking a nail or running into a wall.

After catching a lot of flack, this mayor, Gallus Strobel, tried to play the whole thing off like one big jokey joke. You silly humorless ladies, he wasn’t being rude. He was just saying that you don’t know how to drive a car. That’s a fact right? And really, he’ll let anyone come attempt the super complicated task of parking next to a support beam. The men’s spots are actually “an attraction for any aspiring driver,” he says.

So you won’t get a ticket for attempting to behave manly ladies, don’t fret.

I’m all for special parking, but not when it’s really an undeserved insult. Pregnant lady parking acknowledges the fact that super-pregnant ladies might not be too good on their feet. When I was pregnant, I wasn’t insulted by people who held out their arm so I could hold on to something when I walked. I needed it! To all those random people who saw my big belly throwing me off and offered a hand in the snow, you were great. You made me love humanity.

But saying that my uterus means I can’t steer a car correctly is not a helpful hand. It’s rude. And I kind of hope that the mayor clips that support beam next time he pulls into his manly parking space.

(Photo: scherbet/Shutterstock)