Do you have certain friends that you ask for advice? Like, you know not to ask Shannon since she always makes your problems all about her. And you can’t ask David about anything because he never listens.

Look no further! Here’s your weekly tarot forecast, and it will always give you expert, unbiased advice no matter what. Each week, I ask the universe of tarot how your week will go. Take a look and see if you can use any of these little nuggets of wisdom.

Monday: the Fool


Ahh, the Fool! One of the most spontaneous (and cute!) cards of tarot. It encourages us to take risks and be bold. After a while, everyone needs to take a leap of faith and start something new and exciting. If you never take a leap, you’ll never get anywhere!

Tuesday: 9 of Swords



Let’s not get too in over our heads, folks. Is there something you’re beating yourself up about? Something keeping you up at night? Yikes. While that can happen every now and then, try not to let it weigh on you too much.

Wednesday: 7 of Pentacles


As the wise Rihanna once said, “work work work work work work.” There’s either a lot of work ahead of you, or there’s a good deal behind you now. Either way, recognize your efforts. You did a lot! The more credit you give yourself, the more others will see what you’ve done.

Thursday: 8 of Pentacles


Once you’ve got a handle on all the work you have ahead of you, it’s time to remember: it’s not for nothing! Practice makes perfect, friends, even if that practice is hella annoying. But if you want your skills to get better, if you’re just dicking around in Photoshop or if you’ve been trying to master French in Duolingo, it’ll take practice.

Friday: 7 of Swords


With all the hard work you’ve been doing this week, something sneaky might be happening around you. Keep an eye out for secrets. Are you the one withholding information, or is someone else not being honest with you?

Saturday: 6 of Pentacles


Hopefully your efforts are paying off. Congratulations! Here’s what’s important to remember at a time like this: if you can afford it, give back to others what you have plenty of. Is there more coin in your pocket these days? Or have you figured out a great fitness routine? Share the “wealth,” so to speak, and it’ll help you out in the universe.

Sunday: 8 of Swords


Something’s blocking you. Are you holding yourself back? Do you feel like there’s no way out, like you’re a little stuck? Try to break through. Something’s gotta give, man. If you feel stuck for now, it has to stop soon, one way or another.