Look, by now we’ve accepted the fact that Terry Richardson exists, and that he photographs people, and that for some reason he continues to get extremely highly coveted jobs with probably really well-paying magazines throughout the country and the world.

But we are now being asked to accept what, to many, will be the unacceptable — not just photographing young starlets anymore, Richardson has apparently graduated to photographing grown-ass, well-respected women. Like, for instance, Angela Lansbury.

It’s not entirely clear what these photographs are for — they were posted on his blog and reposted on Buzzfeed. But a few things are certain: Richardson looks as creepy as ever, Lansbury looks better in his glasses than he does, and that creeper flannel shirt thing that he has going on all the time is getting old. LIKE, FOR REAL. Only Karl Lagerfeld should be allowed to wear the same thing every day, and that’s because we imagine that it takes him a good two hours to put his look together.