Everyone and their mother will be running to the grocery store to stock up on soup and emergency candles and booze. But there are other things you should be thinking about when the snow starts falling and you have a date with your Netflix queue.

Winter Storm Jonas (not that Jonas unfortunately) is barreling up the East Coast and it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spend your weekend if you’re in its path. When it comes to enjoying a day full of heavy snowfall and winds upwards of 50 mph, you need small luxuries. It’s all about comfort, so ditch the jeans and get in a pair of sweatpants and pull your hair back. Don’t forget to drink more cups of hot chocolate than you think you do. A snow day on a weekend is a great excuse not to do anything at all (but will never compare to a weekday, day-off-work snow day) and you need to embrace your inner lazy person.

Here are the 9 most important things that you’ll need for this “epic” snowstorm (here’s hoping it’s not shitty like the last snowstorms in the city).

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Giant Scarf


Soft Geometric Scarf (Zara, $35.90)

Whether it’s a blanket scarf or one of those super thick-knit one, a big scarf to wrap around your face to fend off the wind in the possibility you need to go outside and trek down the streets to the nearest open bodega, it’s a good idea to have one.



Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Frosted Strawberry – 16 Count (Walmart, $3.50)

We’re not talking just your run-of-the-mill snacks. Snow days are the days you should revert back to your childhood and not feel bad about it. Gushers, Pop Tarts, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Just go for it.

Heated Blanket


Biddeford Extra Long Microplush Heated Throw (Target, $35.99)

If you don’t already own an electric heated blanket, this is the perfect time to splurge. Get cozy on the couch and don’t worry about breaking out your wool socks unless you have plans to go outside (please don’t).

Tech Gloves


Marled Overlay Leather Texting Glove (Urban Outfitters, $20)

It’s going to be snowing in NYC. You’re fucking up big time if you don’t go outside at least once to Instagram something. Make sure you don’t freeze your fingers off when you’re hitting the shutter button.



Duracell CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries (Walgreens, $12)

Yes, it’s practical to buy batteries just in case the power goes out but more importantly, what if the batteries in your TV remote die?

Your Favorite Face Mask


Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask (Sephora, $92)

If there’s one thing I can recommend to do on a snow day, it’s take care of your skin. This mask from Fresh is probably my favorite jar mask in existence and I highly recommend you pick some up.

A Really Great Candle


Maple & Bourbon Scented Candle (ebb & flow, $37)

Don’t go for Yankee Candle for this one. You need a candle you won’t mind having burning for an extended period of time. And hey, if it smells like bourbon, who would mind that?

Wool Beanie

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.25.01 AM

Ragg Wool Hat (L.L. Bean, $25)

Bonus points if it’s fleece lined. The wind during a blizzard loves to catch your ears and make them feel like they’ll break off, so get a beanie that is actually warm.

Comfy Socks


Camp Sock (J.Crew, $16.50)

If you don’t get a heated blanket, your next best thing is to get a really great pair of fluffy socks that you can wear around the house all day.