Something I have learned during the short time I’ve been employed at my night job doing telecom research (yes, I call during dinner; I offer no apologies considering how little we make) is that you can tell the state of certain current events by the way people speak to you while they’re watching them.

For example, during the presidential debate last week, I would call to households located in predominantly Republican states and receive primarily pleased people in good spirits. They would joke with me, tell me about funny stuff going on, and take my stupid survey. Many people from primarily Democratic states were in… well, not great moods. I got snapped at a lot and called some names that make very little sense to call someone over the phone.

However, if I’d been like a normal person and gotten the chance to watch either debate on television while simultaneously keeping track of Twitter’s wildness during events, I would’ve see all the hilarious Tweets and understood what was going on! But thank goodness for the Internet where nothing goes away, because now we can all see some amazing tweets about Thursday’s pillow fight debate.