Have you guys heard of Google? It’s this internet place you can go and find out everything. We checked out the top nine questions typed into Google beginning with “Why is eBay…” and answered them. So now, no one has to go to Google anymore. TheGloss is the new Google. Tweet it.

Why is eBay so slow?
Why are you so slow? eBay waits for no man, but you should wait all day for eBay. Deal with it.

Why is eBay so successful?
Do we really need to answer this one? Have you seen the things you can find there?

Why is eBay charging me?
How else do you feed the little mice in their wheels that power the internet?

Why is eBay not working?
eBay is always working. I think your computer is unplugged.

Why is eBay called eBay?

The creator named it after a consulting company he started, called Echo Bay Technology Group. EchoBay.com was taken, so he shortened it to eBay. And regarding “Echo Bay”, he just thought it sounded cool.

Why is eBay discontinuing SMS alerts?
We don’t know. We’re sorry. Don’t you have an iPhone anyway? Get the eBay app.

Why is eBay so popular?
We covered this one already. But, you’re right, eBay is the most popular auction site. Have you ever heard from Swoopo or Bidzillion? Yeah, neither has anyone. Ever.

Why is eBay so cheap?
Well, this is a toughie. With eBay, it’s a lot of give and take. You might buy a Jason Wu dress for $30, and it will be authentic and awesome, but then you could buy an antique Chanel handbag for $99 that is actually a picture cut out of a magazine. It’s a give and take.

Why is eBay stock going down?
Hmm, good question! We can’t focus on the answer because we’re too busy picturing what the stockholders bid on, especially when the stock is plummeting. Massage chairs? Bath salts? Investing for Dummies?