Sara Blakely (R) with Ann Goldman and Ron Frasch

Shapewear — a convenient euphemism for “garments designed to compress women’s flesh and internal organs in order to align our bodies with conventional notions of beauty, not unlike what ladies once accomplished with corsets” — is a booming business, and no one knows that better than Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx.

In this week’s issue of People magazine, Blakely and her $1 billion empire are featured, because she just spent two years rebuilding her 10,000 square foot, solar-powered house in Atlanta.

Ladies, this is what your smoothed out sides and bellies are unleashing upon the world:

“It started as a minor renovation, and I basically built a house inside of a house,” says Blakely, who spent two years infusing the 10,000-sq.-ft. home with her “eclectic” style that blends bold patterns (check out that zebra print rug!) and strokes of whimsy.

A giant gumball machine greets visitors in the foyer, and an indoor-outdoor vibe gives the home a “tree fort” feel, says Blakely, whom in March Forbes named the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire.

Son Lazer, 3, enjoys a dream playroom, and fitness-focused husband Jesse Itzler, 43, gets spa-quality steam and sauna rooms.

No judgment. Just saying.

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