WIRED Business Conference: Think Bigger

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may move some big wigs around at his promising tech start up, Microsoft. This may include moving Windows chief Julie Larson-Green to “oversight of hardware engineering for the whole company.” This would put Larson-Green in charge of Xbox gaming consoles, which I assume she’ll promptly rename MyBox or XXbox.

The gaming community isn’t exactly known for gender equality, and this news has caused some debate. Some people (Julie Larson-Green, her friends and family) are excited about this promotion, while others (internet users, adult virgins) are divided.

Gamespot commenter cds325 bemoaned the hiring choice as settling for less, posing the question “why cant they get someone hotter… she looks old and wrinkly.” Commenter liotinedario defended the shrewd business decision, retorting that he would “actually bang her… ahem.*”

While similar debates rage on Reddit, Youtube, and in underground videogame lairs, Jezebel points out that 

the software side is more integral to the gaming experience anyways so tons of gaming experience isn’t really a prerequisite; furthermore, she’ll be overseeing game developers and consulting with marketing researchers — something she has a great deal of experience with, having overseen the development of Windows 7 and 8.

Because I am an expert at saying things like “it’s encouraging to see a woman in a leadership position in a male-dominated field,” I feel qualified to remark that it’s encouraging to see a woman in a leadership position in a male-dominated field. This move is yet to be formalized, and the final decisions could still be reworked. According to Bloomberg, we can expect to hear final restructuring plans as soon as next week.

*[sic] on that whole thing

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