Beth! Last week, we asked you to tell us about your favorite alien to win a signed copy of I Am Number Four (and a T-shirt). The book goes on sale today, and you can buy it on Amazon for $10.79. However, Beth’s annecdote? That annecdote is priceless. Beth stated:

I have an alien story that I think is pretty cool… It happened a few days ago at the grocery store. I was buying my food and I gave the cashier my phone number so he could look up my club card in the system. My phone number happens to end in 6151… here is the conversation that took place:
Me: .. 6151
Cashier: oh, 51, like area 51, like where the aliens are.
Me: Oh…ya I guess, I have never noticed that before…
C: Do you believe in area 51 and aliens and all that?
M: Umm…I don’t really know, maybe…
C: I had an alien experience once
M: … Oh ya? Did they abduct you?
C: No, they came up really fast and waved this long stick in my face and I fell asleep, and then I woke up in my bed.
M: .. oh wow, that’s pretty crazy. I wonder what they did to you?
C: I’ll never know…

Ya and he was dead serious. I would have asked if he was on some kind of narcotic when this happened, but I kind of just wanted to get my credit card back and go home…

I think our favorite alien should always be “the alien who terrorizes cashiers for no reason.” And kudos to Beth for not leaning over and whispering “I am one of them. I use my phone number to phone home. And I’d like some free Reese’s Pieces, or I can just bring out the stick again.”