Last night, as I was arriving home from work, I reached into purse to get my keys. It was then that I remembered there was a fashion shoot happening in my very apartment, and I’d dropped the keys off downstairs for the photographer’s use early that morning. You see, most of the time my house is just a regular apartment, but once in a while my roommate lets one of his friends use it for a schmancy fashion shoot, on account of us having such an authentically Brooklyn lofty loft and all.

Over the course of tripping over their things on my way to and from the bathroom, I learned several things about the wonderful world of fashion photography:

-People often shoot things “on spec,” which means they just go ahead and shoot it without necessarily having a home for it yet. Model, stylist, makeup artist, and photographer alike are volunteering their time and talents pro bono, i.e. for the greater good of society.

-If a magazine editor decides he or she wants it, the people will probably still not get paid! But it could lead to paid jobs in the future.

-If nobody wants it, they will burn the photos in a secret ceremony designed to please Anna Wintour, the immortal God of fashion, as well as keep her alive and youthful for several more months. (Fun fact: she turns 1,000 years old next year!)

-All of the things in my house combined are not worth 10% as much as the Gucci, Fendi, D&G, and Dior garments the stylist hung on our Target (or, as I like to pronounce it, “Tar-jay”) coat rack that night, and I have five roommates.

-My cat gets really freaked out around haute couture. I mean, worse than I’ve ever seen him. He fucking hates the stuff! He will run through every single one of your shots until you get mad and lock him in the bathroom, at which point he’ll meow and meow. He must be poor or something.

-Model Isa Asklof is very pretty and can model the shit out of some fairly body-swallowing garments. She also looks hot when making angry faces.

-Photographer Eva Tuerbl takes some bad ass pictures and you could do worse than to go peruse her website.